Cloud Based Website Hosting

Cloud Based Website Hosting

Should You Have a Website and a Facebook Account

When it comes to making an impact within the digital marketplace, you may think it’s as easy has hosting a website and putting up a couple of blog posts per week. While these are two essential elements, they aren't the end-all to ensure digital success. Within the modern digital marketplace, establishing a business Facebook account is by far one of the most influential steps to solidifying your online presence.

The Importance of a Business Facebook Account

While establishing a business Facebook page won’t guarantee any level of success, it is an important building block. Because this social media platform is utilized by over a billion individuals throughout the world, the possibility of growing your business awareness is practically limitless.

The proliferation of Facebook has given a platform to millions of businesses that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. As with any social network site, Facebook can give your business the extra reach a website alone can’t give you. It can help you promote a product or service and create genuine connections with your target demographic without costing you a dime. The features and capabilities of Facebook provide you with a unique ability to become creative and develop your online image that’s rich and filled with personality. Within the demanding digital marketplace, this is key for true, lasting success.

However, you shouldn't rely on Facebook alone to accomplish these tasks. The biggest problem with social media platforms is the lack of ownership and control. At any moment, the site can alter its policies, lose essential data or even go out of business. Therefore, if you rely solely on Facebook or any other social media platform as your sole means of the customer outreach, you’re setting yourself up for unnecessary risk.

This being noted, it’s an excellent addition to your entire digital infrastructure. A website administrator should think of the actual website as the foundation of a business while social networking sites, such as Facebook, are the walls and decoration. Remember, the foundation of your online presence should always be within your own control. However, to truly maximize your digital fingerprint, you can use social media platforms.

When doing so, it’s important to follow these simple guidelines:

Retain Uniform Voice – The voice of your brand should be universal across all digital platforms. Continuity is paramount to solidify your brand and outreach.

Create Personality – As a website administrator, you should strive to cultivate a unique personality for your brand. Social media sites are excellent platforms to refine and solidify this level of your business.

To sign up for a Facebook business account, go here.